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novel The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage txt – Chapter 1431 – Someone’s Going After Gu Jingyan vase lying to you-p3
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1431 – Someone’s Going After Gu Jingyan ambitious sip
Gu Jingyan investigated the males and one claimed, “What are you presently investigating? It is not from us. It’s from the chief. Swiftly look. We need to returning one down the road.”
At the back, Lu Beichen was walking with Fu Chenxi in which he noticed people during this area.
Gu Jingyan looked at him speechless. A corner of her lips curled. She smiled with disdain. “What do you really mean by countless between us? What do you want?”
“Alright, no longer buts. Is not it most essential that two individuals have been in really like and would like to be together with each other?”
Everybody checked and started off speculating.
Gu Jingyan checked out the men and among them reported, “What are you considering? It is not from us. It is from your key. Promptly take a glance. We must profit one the next day.”
Gu Jingyan was really going to take part in an English expressions compet.i.tion and she was looking up some vocabulary with a spot.
Lu Beichen was really a minimal amazed as well. He checked up and discovered the bouquet of blooms added onto Gu Jingyan’s kitchen table.
“What exactly is taking place?!”
Fang Zun explained, “Ha, you may well ask why now. Seeing that you’ve offended me, I’m telling you that you must agree to be my fiancee. If they are not, it will be endless between us.”
Gu Jingyan thought it was amusing. Did it signify she got met a suitor?
Lu Beichen glanced at Fu Chenxi and proceeded to go directly back to their own seating. Abruptly.
That has been Fang Zun.
Lu Beichen could not help feeling uneasy upon ability to hear these speculations. Have you considered a big chief through the initial class? Which kind of key was there in the first quality?
Everybody searched and commenced speculating.
She checked up and found some familiarized appearing fellas.
where is the safe passage in the shattered throne
“No way, the chief out of the 1st level will go after Gu Jingyan now?”
Gu Jingyan smiled and looked at her. “I couldn’t inform that he had his intentions on you.”
At the back, Lu Beichen was going for walks with Fu Chenxi and the man recognized people during this aspect.
They checked out each other. Cla.s.s was going to begin soon. They may only develop a relocate 1st. “Anyway, an item has long been shipped. You have this.”
Which had been Fang Zun.
“Let’s explain to the coach, ok? Don’t talk about.” Fu Chenxi reported.
Gu Jingyan sunk far more in the studies when she was feeling bored.
“No way, the primary coming from the initial grade is certainly going after Gu Jingyan now?”
She loved putting on red garments. Attire similar to this commonly looked very gaudy on people. But, whenever it was on Gu Jingyan, it checked spectacular.
That had been Fang Zun.
Secrets Of Paris
Which was Fang Zun.
Gu Jingyan was encompassed by a number of people. One of them was this tall man who acquired an intense deal with in which he was checking out Gu Jingyan.
Gu Jingyan checked up and frowned. “What for?”
Why would Fang Zun require a preference to her?”
Gu Jingyan required a peek. “Take it rear. I’ve already said I am not fascinated.”
He was large and outfitted very flamboyantly. He would generally have a group of persons all around him, generally very noticeable. How would Gu Jingyan not know?

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